Well this was my fourth Dusi2C Mountain Bike race and just as much fun as all the others. This year was a little different because I took my dad out for his first multi-stage race and hence we weren’t out to “break any records” but merely finish. And finish we did very well!
A rainy night before the race left the route rather soft, slippery and challenging at parts. This undid all the mental preparation I’d given the old man because conditions and the ride were both now very different to any of the previous three years I’d ridden. Muddy clogged tyres, caked up drive trains and brakes, this became a “hang on” and survive event.
We took it in our stride, and my old man handled it all like a pro. No spills, no stops, just slow and steady.
The awesome thing I love about these types of events is that you visit places you never usually would, at a pace you never usually take and so it really opens up the world around you. It’s never a worry of safety, social class or even gender. Everyone is out on route to either enjoy riding the trails or support those who are.
If you’re an avid mountain biker and never done a stage race but are itching too, I’d advise DUS2C as an excellent start! It’s chilled, well laid out, quick and close to home.
Plus free Beer on your overnight stop is a no brainer!