Today I put my new 2015 Amarok double cab 4motion automatic through its paces. The persistent drizzle of rain last night left me apprehensive about even waking up this morning and turning the key, but hey, I’d organised to meet a friend at a local 4X4 farm and I wasn’t going to disappoint him.
So with the wife and padkos packed, we headed through the rain to what awaited us.
To our surprise it was dry! No rain, no mud, nothing to be worried about. Yeah right!
After a quick briefing and indemnity by the resident guide, we deflated our tires and were off.

Now I must say I was hugely impressed by what the amarok got us through. My expectations were low and to be honest I thought our first stumbling block would be the axle twister. Surprisingly, piece of cake! I was shocked. Already on the first obstacle my mind was blown.

We proceeded up seemingly impossible inclines, through rivers, over rock gardens, played in the sand and braved the steepest of declines.

All in all a fun morning out.
Now sure there are some areas I can improve the TROK, so that it has better clearances, but as a stock standard vehicle it laughed at anything I was brave enough to put it through.

This adventure was for sure the start of far more off-roading to come. The question is who will crack first, my nerves or the Amarok? We’ll just have to wait and see…